It's hard out there for a celebrity impersonator. Authenticity is important. And when the celebrity changes, you must implement those changes as well in order to keep your job, regardless of how much of a burden they may be on your own life. (So sorry for all you Lindsay Lohan impersonators out there. Are there Lilo impersonators out there?)

That's why Kate Middleton lookalike, Heidi Agan, recently purchased her very own baby bumps to stay current with Kate while she's pregnant with the royal baby.

Agan, who quit her waitressing job last May after repeatedly being told by customers how much she looked like Middleton, now has "a bump in various sizes."

"It's difficult at the moment as she's not big enough yet to change her entire wardrobe so it's difficult to see how she's' going to dress it," she said.

Agan's salary has increased substantially since taking on her doppelganger duties, allowing her to make it rain when she needs to in order to match Middleton's chic style. "The most expensive shoes I've bought as Kate were about £200, the dress was about £300 - which I don't think is that bad considering her original evening wedding dress by Alexander McQueen would have cost ten of thousands of pounds," Agan said, adding that, "I have to get the clothes, the mannerisms, the way she stands and interacts with William right. Things like that are all very important if I want to be the best."

Agan's Middleton copycat ends when it comes to the Prince though, saying that neither William nor Harry are her type — "they are too tall."

Yeah. Okay, lady.

[via BBC]

[image courtesy of AP]