I used to fantasize about leaving the front door open for hours so that my roommate's obese cat who shed incessantly would muster enough energy to escape. And I often thought, "It would be much easier to make her life miserable if she had a fish that I could just flush down the toilet." That's a lie, but it's exactly what 47-year-old Brooklyn man, Jose Santiago allegedly did.

According to 45-year-old Brenda Alvarez, her roommate Santiago became irate after she decided to move out of the Nostrand Avenue apartment they shared because, shockingly, tension between the longtime friends was thick. Alvarez told police that when she started packing her things Santiago "went crazy," and murdered her underwater pals - Bonnie and Clyde - right in front of her. Santiago allegedly flushed one down the toilet and tied the other in a bag, suffocating it.

"I did everything for him, and the only thing I ever asked him to do was the laundry," Alvarez said, "So why did he do this to me?"

Santiago has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty and assault and was released without bail at his arraignment on Thursday. He is apparently frustrated that no charges are being filed against Alvarez, who he alleges started it. "I have a mark on my head," he said, "but you're not going to do anything about it. She pushed me first and started the whole fight."

[Image courtesy of AP]