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Last night, shortly after 7:50 PM, a meteor lit up night skies on the East Coast, shining as bright as the moon for about ten seconds. The meteor appeared as "a thin streak of blue-greenish-white," with the most sightings being reported in Maryland.

The meteor traveled from west to east in the northeast sky and was also clearly seen in New York City. It fit the characteristics of a fireball, which according to American Meteor Society (AMS) "is a meteor that is larger than normal."

NORAD confirmed that the meteor was not from anything man-made, such as a plane or falling satellite.

Last month, a large meteor crashed into Russia (also on a Friday, because meteors love to party), leaving 950 injured (they party hard), and releasing the equivalent energy of 30 early nuclear bombs.

The AMS received reports of the meteor up the entire east coast, from Florida to Maine. There were no reports that the meteor, which was probably around the size of a softball, made any considerable impact anywhere on the ground.