They went around supermarkets throwing gallons of milk and juice on the floor, and now three teens from northern Virginia are having the book thrown at them.

Authorities in Fairfax County say they've spent the last few weeks studying online video showing the band of "merry pranksters" behind the so-called "gallon smashing" fad destroying property at multiple supermarkets, and are now ready to charge the boys with multiple counts of destruction of property and disorderly conduct.

Omar, Zayd and Faysal Khatib uploaded the original "gallon smash prank" video to YouTube in late February, and it quickly took off, racked up millions of views and spawning International imitations.

The two brothers and their cousin eventually pulled the footage from their YouTube account and "kind of" apologized for their behavior.

But the damage was done — literally — and Fairfax County police are now planning to charge the teens with seven counts each of misdemeanor destruction of property and disorderly conduct.

Earlier this month, a 15-year-old in Butte, Montana, was also cited with misdemeanor criminal mischief and theft for pulling a similar prank at a local Walmart. And just this week, a teen in New Jersey was charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct for smashing two gallons of milk on the floor of a Shop-Rite.

[video via MyFoxDC]