Here's something sad you can bring up and then immediately regret bringing up at dinner tonight: a toy fox terrier beloning to Twilight actress Ashley Greene died in a fire at her apartment this morning.

TMZ reports that a firefighter confirmed Greene, her brother, and her boyfriend (rumored to be actor Ryan Philippe) were asleep in the actress' West Hollywood condo when the fire broke out at around 9:50 this morning.

The three of them are said to have immediately evacuated, though the men soon went back into the burning apartment to search for Greene's two dogs. One of the terriers was eventually saved; the other was later discovered dead under a bed.

TMZ has what appears to be a stealthily-shot cell phone video of Greene despondently cradling her dead dog's bedsheet-wrapped body in the lobby of her apartment building, if that sounds like something you'd like to see. But it shouldn't be.

The website reports that the blaze began when the flame of an unattended living room candle set a couch on fire.

Firefighters were able to contain the flames within twenty minutes.

TMZ describes Greene's apartment as "pretty much destroyed."

[TMZ // NYDN // Image via Getty]