For actors and directors promoting a new movie, a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" thread has quickly gone from weird internet novelty to necessary stop on the publicity tour. As such, these Q and As with Reddit users have come to be often as dull and predictable as an old-school press junket.

That's what makes the Ask Me Anything of Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine's so great. It's unclear if he's on or off something but his typo-and-non-sequitur-filled performance in his AMA today was inspired. The only way to resist the insufferable PR machine is clogging it with pure nonsense. Here are a bunch of his answers:

Q: Good afternoon. I just wanted to say that the film, Kids, was great and taught me a lot about the dangers of unprotected sex. Thank you

A: yor welcome herpes

Q: What has changed about the film/cinema industry since you got started? Do you think America even has an audience for cinema anymore? Do you know that your name is really fun to say?

A: cinema has changed. cinema is now a 30 second youtube clip. clear your mind. think of different now. make it bend to you. never use a walking stick, it looks doper to limp. catch my drift?

Q: Hey Harmony was there any reluctance from Selena Vanessa and Ashley when making Spring Breakers because it could potentially alienate some fans or were they down for anything?

A: its all good. life is perfect.

Q: What is the point you are getting across in this film? What will society gain from this?

A: yes it will thrive because of this

Q: Was Gucci Mane's sex scene unsimulated?

A: it was fun she was twirkin

Q: Who was Gucci Mane's sex scene with?

A: it was a sex scene with gucci

Q: What was the most insane thing Gucci said to you while on set?

A: my wrists sparkle like lemmmons

Q: Are we going to see lots of titties in the movie?

A: of course. thats what lifes about.

Q: Is Harmony short for Harmonica?

A: Yourmommica

Q: Whats your favorite ATL Twins story?

A: the time they double penetraded their gym coach

Q: Who is a director whose films you enjoy?

A: leos carax

Q: Did you address Gucci Mane as "Gucci" or "Guwop" while filming?

A: scoochi two times

Q: Dearest Harmony, I have a picture you drew (Heaven Cries for Us All) that I got from your Grandma's old neighbor, a picture of you as a child wearing a shirt with a bird on it standing on a woman's lap was inside the frame. The end.

A: yes that is valuble.

Q: Tell us the funniest and craziest situation on the set.

A: i found a gay dude smoking menthols hidden in the floor boards of a motel

Q: Can you tell us anything about your next project/any future plans?

A: i want it to be full on

Q: Harmony, How did you get Herzog to be bff's with you. I would like to go bowling with you two.

A: he called me up after gummo and said 'you are the last foot soldier in the army' and then i jumped on a plane to sf and met him in the street. hes one of the greatest

Q: If you could give any advice to young directors what would it be? What's being awesome like?

A: feels good. be bold. never give up. soldier of cinema like herzog says.

Q: Care to talk about any future plans?

A: i want to keep making movies. i wanna go hard. try new things.

Q: Any ideas for what you want to tackle for your next movie, subject-wise or otherwise?

A: something about super gangstas...that could mean almost anything though.

Q: I represent a band from Atlanta named IRREVERSIBLE and we're coming up to Nashville soon. Would you like to attend? Gaspar and you are major inspirations and we'd like to share our art with you.

A: i cant listen if there is a guitar in it

Q: Hey harmony! huge fan! After watching "ken park" I was wondering, is the movie a study on each of the main character's Subconscious desires? it seems like a collection of random stories but the theme of full-filling a deep desire keeps coming up. keep pushing the boundaries!

A: i wrote ithat movie a while back. hard to remember what its about.


A: why is your face like a douche

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