Filming for the pilot episode of Girl Meets World (Disney's Boy Meets World girl power remix) kicked off this week, and tons of people from the old cast swung by the set to visit.

Or is it that Mr. Feeny, Shawn, Eric, et al. finally returned home to their quiet Philadelphia lives after an extended stint portraying actors in a land of make believe? Maybe the world we visit in our sleep is "real" and waking life is the dream?

Maitland Ward Baxter, who starred, alongside her old nose, as Rachel in the latter seasons of Boy Meets World, Instagrammed a picture of herself posing with William Daniels, better known to grown-up children as Mr. Feeny, inside a fake classroom.

The new generation's "Cory Matthews" and "Shawn Hunter" (actresses Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter) also shared pictures of themselves receiving big, smiley hugs from Rider Strong and Will Friedle, who portrayed Shawn and Cory Matthews' elder brother Eric on the the original series.

Last November, Rider Strong wrote on his website that he had "no official involvement in Girl Meets World," though he did leave open the possibility for a guest appearance.

We will note that William Daniels is certainly dressed like Mr. Fee-hee-hee-heenay, although it's possible that that's just how he dresses now that he's a little old man.

[Imagess via Maitland Ward Baxter/Instagram and Sabrina Carpenter/Twitter]