Henry Blodget, a full grown adult who's held a highly compensated job in finance and founded a multimillion-dollar media company, still retains his ability to be astounded by the little things in life. Like airplanes: what is it like to ride in one? Or women: are they too lazy to get good jobs? Or Jews: why do people hate them so much? Today, Henry Blodget, who has retained the wonderful ability to see the world through a child's eyes (which so many of his cynical peers have lost), has found something outside of his hotel room door. But what??

"Look What I Found Outside My Hotel Door In The Morning - Yesterday's News!" reads the "headline." Henry Blodget is, in all seriousness, an artist of the internet whose methods should be studied and analyzed for future generations.

"A couple of days ago, in Los Angeles, I opened the door to my hotel room in the morning to find a newspaper," writes Blodget, in a format that could be mistaken for a "story." The unexpected appearance of this mundane object throws our narrator into a contemplative mood.

"Somewhere in there, I also (briefly) contemplated the immense amount of work and money that had gone into producing and delivering that newspaper to me. The news-gathering, the writing, the editing, the laying-out, the printing, the truck delivery, the hotel employee who had to push carts around the hotel for hours in the dead of night," he muses. "And that doesn't even include the cost of growing, cutting, and pulping trees, making paper and ink, and burning coal and oil for power and electricity to run those gigantic machines."

Then at the end there is a photo of a newspaper lying on the floor [PHOTO CREDIT: Henry Blodget].

Henry Blodget is currently staring uncomprehendingly at a cement mixer.

[Business Insider. Photo: Getty]