Late yesterday night, a marine killed two of his colleagues and then himself on a marine base in Quantico, Virginia. Officials report the shooter was male, and the victims were male and female. All three were active duty marines and all permanent staff at the Marine Officer Candidate School (OCS).

At 11 PM last night, a notification went out that there was a shooting at the OCS, putting the area on lockdown. The lockdown was lifted just a few hours after it had been instated. Col David Maxwell, the base commander, said, "It's been a long night as we have begun to deal with the tremendous loss that happened last night."

The investigation remains in the early stages and the names of the three active duty marines have not yet been released until their families have been notified.

In 2010, the base was a shooting target of an ex-Marine reservist who fired on several area military targets; no one was injured in that shooting and the man was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

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