In a move that is predicted to tip the balance of power in the entire U.S. fast food industry and spark an advertising war between top players that could cost hundreds of millions of dollars, McDonald's is set to roll out the "biggest launch of 2013," which will reach into every corner of American dining culture: some chicken wrapped up in a tortilla.

The iconic $100 billion food company will also add some lettuce and ranch dressing to that shit.

Despite not being a sandwich, the "McWrap," a product resembling a dish that an extremely high college sophomore would make using the only four ingredients left in the refrigerator, is seen by McDonald's as "the biggest opportunity for the chain to take share in the sandwich category this year." The astoundingly bland and dry version of a cold and empty burrito will attract millions of customers and move the stock price of this multinational corporation ever higher.

Needless to say, "it will be marketed as a premium product."

Is America ready for this exotic Mexican food?

[Ad Age. Photo: Flickr]