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Where Are They Now? is kind of like OWN's version of a TLC freak show except the freaks who detail their lives in inevitably fascinating babble are people whose notoriety Oprah Winfrey helped facilitate. (Never forget that OWN is owned by O.) Or at least, they are people formerly of note. Such was the case on last night's episode featuring Gennifer Flowers, the woman who claimed to have an affair with Bill Clinton during his first run for office in 1992. She claims that Star magazine came to her with knowledge of her involvement, which caused her to announce it to the public.

More importantly, the woman, now at age 63, is ripening into a proper eccentric who says things like, "I thought I was doing us both a favor by going to talk with [Clinton's] people and taking my lawyer and, you know, threatening a lawsuit." Uh, ok. In the clip above, she discusses her post-scandal career as a lounge singer and speaker who reaches women with her stories of "surviving and thriving." Sometimes women ask her for advice on being with married men. Her advice is, "Say no! And go! And tell!" Oh wait, no. That's Webster's advice.

Flowers' appearance has been altered considerably (such compare and contrast is more than half of the point of Where Are They Now?), but her spirit continues to flourish, or something.