Cartoonist Bill Watterson has been notoriously against allowing his beloved creations Calvin and Hobbes to be commercially repurposed, despite their immense continued popularity nearly 20 years after their final strip.

That being said, he has in the past expressed an interested in seeing the two characters brought to life through animation, telling The Comics Journal he has "a real awe for good animation."

While it's unlikely fans will get to see a real Calvin and Hobbes cartoon anytime soon, animator Adam Brown (Ugly Americans) has come about as close as one can to producing one.

Using Watterson's own drawings as keyframes, Brown animated one of the better known Calvin & Hobbes strips in meticulously loyal fashion.

The one thing that kept Watterson from green-lighting a C&H animated series more than anything else was the "scary" task of selecting a voice actor for Calvin.

Happily, Brown left his animation silent, leaving fans to fill in the blanks with the inner-Calvin that has no doubt accompanied them for many years.

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