A British tourist in India was badly injured this morning after she reportedly jumped out of the window of her hotel room to escape the aggressive sexual advances of the hotel's owner.

The unnamed tourist, said to be in her 30s, was staying at the Hotel Agra Mahal in Agra — home of the Taj Mahal — when she allegedly received an unsolicited visit from the hotel's owner, Sachin Chauhan, at around 5 AM local time.

The details of what transpired are still fluid, but according to India TV, Chauhan used a key to enter the woman's room, and locked the door behind him.

He then offered the guest a "free oil massage," insisting that it was one of the hotel's amenities. The tourist refused, but Chauhan allegedly persisted, forcing himself on the woman.

Local police say it was at this point the victim became frightened and leapt off the balcony of her first floor room onto the street.

The extent of her injuries is unclear, but most media outlets are reporting that the woman sustained fractures to both her legs.

While in custody, the hotel's owner told police he had gone to wake the woman up after staffers were unable to rouse her using the hotel's intercom system, and became concerned.

Police also say the tourist asked about a massage the day before, but changed her mind after the owner said he performs them himself.

The British Foreign Office has just issued an advisory to British women, warning them to use caution when visiting the country due to the recent spike in sexual assaults.

[photo via AP]