Lindsay Lohan is headed back to rehab for 90 days.

After arriving to court almost fifty minutes late, Lohan accepted a plea deal for charges stemming from last year's car accident. The deal consists of 90 days spent in a locked down rehab facility, 30 days of community service (which may be done in New York), and 18 months of psychotherapy (of which a small part has already been completed). She'll also have to pay restitution to the truck driver she hit. And she's back on probation for two more years.

Technically, the 90 days could have been served in jail; Lindsay has elected to serve it in rehab.

As Lohan walked into court, someone threw what appeared to be gold glitter at her. There was no visible glitter on her in feed from the courtroom. She looked sad and tired.

UPDATE: As Lohan's lawyer, Mark Heller, was giving a statement to reporters after court (Lindsay had already left the scene), Lohan's father, Michael, began screaming at Heller from the assembled crowd. Eventually, Heller cut short his remarks after Michael began barking "Why are you still up there?!" over and over.

Michael Lohan then took Heller's place at the microphone, and told reporters that Heller would lose his license ("You're getting charged, Heller! You're gonna lose your license again, I guarantee it!") for failing to keep Lindsay properly briefed during negotiations and for "tampering with a witness." He also said that Heller owes him $160,000, because why not?


If you happen to live a rich, full life that does not entail the watching of live feeds from Lindsay Lohan's courtroom, you might have missed a couple super tense, whispery moments between Lohan and Heller that TMZ's camera picked up.

At one point near the end of the session, Heller stood up to make a clarification about Lindsay's legal standing and, once he'd sat back down, she whispered, "Why would you even say that?" After the judge corrected Heller's clarification, Lohan leaned in and instructed, "Don't say anything else. I just wanna go."

[TMZ // Image via AP]