Sound the end-of-days air horn — Robert Rodriguez's new short about twin sisters Lola and Lucia, ice cream truck moguls who dabble in monster-hunting, is most likely to crush your mind to smithereens, much like a psychotic monster would rip apart an innocent farmhand. But he needs you to help him finish it.


Yes. Rodriguez teamed up with BlackBerry for the insanely cool Project Green Screen, a collaborative film project out of which Two Scoops erupted like so much chocolate topping out of one of those chocolate topping machines. And he wants your work to be in it.

What do I have to do?

Look up. We asked our friend Greg Stees of Rejected Pitches fame to take part, so you can see exactly what Rodriguez wants you to do. (That's him up there, legitimately looking like a stealth agent masquerading as an ice cream truck warehouse employee.) Basically, you're filming yourself acting the part of the girls' agent, then putting it on YouTube.

How exactly do I enter?

  • Step 1. Watch the Two Scoops scene into which your performance may be edited forever (left)
  • Step 2. Go here to download the script snippet that includes the Agent's dialogue
  • Step 3. Shoot a video of your performance as the Agent
  • Step 4. Upload your performance video to YouTube, then post the link here by April 3

(While you're at it, send us the link, too. Email it to contests [at] by midnight ET on March 24 with "Two Scoops video submission" as your subject line. We'll choose the ones we love best to feature in a video roundup.)

If Rodriguez and team choose your performance, it will be edited into the final film — meaning that yours will be the visage to appear opposite the lovely Lola and Lucia's death sneers.

So listen to the man himself for some inspiration, then prepare for superstardom. We know you can do it.

Greg Stees is a filmmaker currently finishing Dragonchaser, an indie comedy he wrote and directed.