If you were thinking of buying a faux fur coat, how much dog fur would you consider to be "too much" dog fur while making your purchasing decisions? Because Marc Jacobs uses some dog hair in their faux fur coats, turns out.

An investigation by the Humane Society has revealed that the "faux fur" jackets by designer Marc Jacobs sold at Century 21 department stores actually contain dog fur.

The jackets are said to have been made from the fur of Chinese raccoon dogs. This breed of dogs is a soft and cuddly looking creature that resemble a fox. The fur of these dogs is way cheaper than synthetic fur which might be the reason behind its use.

That's not a big deal, right? It's like the horse meat thing. Everyone's eaten some horse meat, everybody's accidentally worn some dogs.

"Do you like this jacket? It's faux fur. I love it. It's so warm."

"Oh, miss? There's actually - it's part faux fur, but also with some fur. There's some fur from dogs in it."

"But it's still faux, right? It's fake fur? I want a fake fur jacket. This says fake fur."

"There is some dog in it. An amount of dog."

"Is it all dog?"

"No. Well. It's not part of the dog-fur line, so I think legally it can only contain up to 70% dog, or what we in the industry call 'a fucking ton of dog skin.'"

"My God! I'll never shop at a Century 21 department store again."

"No, this is the Century 21 real estate LLC."

"Isn't it kind of weird that you have the same name? Like, there's a reason no one's tried to open a Nordstrom's Realty, right?"

"No. It's perfectly normal. We sell real estate and dog jackets."

That's life, though. As the saying goes, you have to take a little dog fur with the good. Here are a few facts about your new all-raccoon dog fur wardrobe, courtesy of MSN:

Raccoon dogs, which are wild members of the canine family and resemble raccoons but are not related to them, are common in parts of China, Japan and Siberia. They're valued - and skinned alive - for their soft coat, which can be cheaper than fake fur. According to the BBC, 70,000 raccoon dogs are killed every year for their fur, consumption and medical use. In China, according to Fur Free Alliance, 1.5 million raccoon dogs are bred on fur farms where they're held in horrible conditions and killed for their hair.

In unrelated news, this year's Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race has seen the mysterious death of at least one "otherwise healthy" racing dog. It's probably unrelated, anyhow. I'm sure five-year-old Dorado died of normal, ordinary skin loss.

[Image via AP]