Hyper-prolific rapper Lil Wayne is currently being given his last rites at L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai Hospital after suffering a series of seizures, if TMZ is to be believed. But close friends of Wayne's say Weezy is "alive and well." As the world awaits more news, here is the gist of what's happening.

Wayne's recent troubles began Tuesday night, when he was rushed to the hospital after having an initial seizure. Doctors were able to stabilize him at the time, and he was released on Wednesday. Just a few hours later, however, Wayne's bodyguard found him unconscious and again raced him to get medical attention. That time, attempts to stabilize the 30-year-old were ineffective. According to TMZ, Wayne was then "placed in restraints because he was shaking uncontrollably," and he is now in a medically induced coma.

Responding to TMZ's grim reports, however, Wayne's friends and fellow rappers Mack Maine and Birdman have tweeted that TMZ is wildly wrong and that Wayne is "alive and well":

Regardless of what his condition is at present, TMZ sources say Wayne's seizures can probably be attributed his abuse of codeine "Sizzurp," on which he reportedly binged before being taken to the hospital:

Sources say there's evidence Wayne went on a Sizzurp binge after being released Wednesday, because doctors found high amounts of codeine in his system.

We're told Wanye's stomach was pumped 3 times to flush the drugs from his system.

Update: A message from Wayne's Twitter account:

[Image via AP]