After Allen Engstrom accidentally left his iPad on a plane back in February, he was unable to track it down, and, as Senator Chuck Grassley might say, assumed iPad lost.

That is, until the iPad tracked itself down thanks to an unthinking thief whose selfies had begun popping up on in Engstrom's iCloud thanks to Photo Stream.

"It's just like I'll wake up one day and they'll be new pictures there and I'm like oh my gosh, she has no idea," Engstrom of North Little Rock, Arkansas, told local CBS affiliate THV 11.

Engstrom, who points out that "Ugly McCrazy Shirt" (as he calls her) is most definitely a thief considering his name and contact information are etched on the back of the device, soon began posting the selfies he was receiving to his Facebook page for others to share in his amusement.

"I have no problem with putting it on Facebook, because hey, it's fun for me and it's apparently fun for a lot of other people," Engstrom said. "And there's always the chance that someone will say hey, I know who that is. And I want my iPad back."

Despite reports to the contrary, Engstrom says he has yet to learn any more about the identity of the iPad snaker.

However, as soon as he finished saying that, a Facebook user asked Engstrom to email him, claiming he had "some info" for him.

[photos via Facebook]