The most aggressive email we got this week was from someone who really just wanted to be part of it all. The rest—well, they were not so happy that we seemed to be negative, but maybe that's explained by another person who wrote in complaining that there is no one handsome in the media world anymore. But was there ever? Sigh. Well read them for yourselves, our fan/hate mail this week:

Why do we criticize in the face of ambition?

Subject: Gawker Rhetoric

Body: Hello,

I have been reading Gawker on and off the past few months, and more recently I became aware of something. In many articles the writers will have a very negative rhetoric towards people or events. It seems when there is an ambitious event or person the writers only doubt what they can do and hinder accomplishment. The pessimism is repulsive and I probably will not read Gawker anymore.


In which you are maybe insulting our looks—but actually you might be talking about book publishing, not journalism, in which case you trust us to be a judge of handsomeness, so thank you!

Subject: Good looking people in publishing?

I attended AWP for the first time last weekend, and I naively expected to see at least a modicum of good looking, sophisticated men there. With the exception of some gorgeous gay poets, I was sorely disappointed. A cursory google search led me to your 2007 exploration of the subject, and I was wondering if the general consensus is that the pickings have gotten even slimmer. Are the days of dapper, handsome publishing men over? Did those days ever exist?

My Best,

Brian hopes that he can insult-impress his way into a job.

Subject: Fwd: Gossip Reporter

Body: Hi.

Here's a tip:
Give me a fucking job.

I have news chops.
And I'm a major smartass.

Oh yeah, and fuck you.

Thanks for your time.
(I know how fucking valuable it is.)


And Orin is encouraged by Hamilton about the face of job market for writers.

Body: Wow, if you can get a job writing, I guess anyone can.
- Orin

A postcard with neat hand-writing and what appears to be a quality ink pen told us they know about some obscure stuff.

dear Gawker,
I know things others don't.
Tripp Nasty
denver, Colorado
"woot! woot!" goes the owl through the woods.

One last one from a gentleman:

Subject: can someone please
Body: tell me who writes the headlines for the gawker pieces so that i can buy them a beer?

Thanks for the offer, man. That's it. Happy Friday.