"Have you ever met anyone who doesn't like Jennifer Lawrence?" asks Vice West Coast editor Jamie Lee Curtis Taete. No, you haven't, and neither has Taete.

Which is why he decided to give some hate groups a ring and see if maybe, just maybe, they could finally put a stop to the Lawrence lovefest.

The white and black supremacists and the Southern secessionists refused to offer any sort of opinion, brushing Taete off with a curt "no comment" (though the National Socialist Freedom Movement did agree to defend Lawrence if she were ever attacked by a "flashmob of nig-nogs.")

The Westboro Baptist Church, however, never ones to shy away form hating someone, did agree to go on-record with an official statement about Jennifer Lawrence.

And, guess what? They lurve her too:

"I think that most of the young people in our church saw Hunger Games. And I think they all liked that," said WBC rep Steve Drain. "She just kinda bursted (sic) onto the scene, didn't she? She doesn't have a very long film career, does she?"

Taete reminded Drain that Lawrence was also "nominated for some awards" for Winter's Bone, to which Drain gushed: "Oh! That's her? Winter's Bone rocked! That was a great flick. I like Winter's Bone quite a bit. I think she did a very nice job there. Yep."

Okay, so it's not exactly canonization, but with the WBC that's about as close as anyone is going to get.

[H/T: ONTD, photos via AP]