Which country on earth parties harder than any other country? YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE ABOVE HEADLINE.

A new World Health Organization report says three things that you may be interested in, if you are a party person:

1) Per capita alcohol consumption in Europe "is the highest in the world." Party!

2) "The prevalence of tobacco use in the European Region reached an average of 27% of the population aged over 15 years in 2010. This figure is the highest among all WHO regions." Party!

3) What is the drunkest country in Europe by a frightfully huge margin? The Republic of Moldova! Look at this fucking chartttttttttttttttt! Fuck you, Luxembourg! Go eat some fucking chocolate, pussies! WOOO! MOLDOVA, BITCH.

4) Moldova also has the fourth highest rate of smoking in Europe, and none of the three pussy nations ahead of it drink nearly as much as Moldovans do.

What does that all add up to? MOLDOVA #1 PARTY HARD NATION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.

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In Moldova!

[WHO Europe]