Porn search site PornMD has, for the sake of publicity and social science, collected its most-used search terms for the last six months and accounted them by location—not just in the U.S. but across the world. Is your home state into Teen or MILF porn? What are Iranians jerking off to? All these answers—and more!

Given that PornMD is an English-language site it's not surprising that a lot of the global searches are topped out by people looking for porn in their own language, or at least starring their countrymen-and-women:

Some of the more repressive regimes—Saudia Arabia, for example—aren't represented. But Iran is there! As is much of the rest of the Middle East:

Play around yourself here.

[Photos via Sergii Figurnyi and Steshkin Yevgeniy/Shutterstock]