If you're a hip and trendsetting young urban affluencer like me, you can hardly count how many times you've purchased a new brand of bottled water, only to be disappointed with its lack of that... certain something. "I dunno, this just takes like water," you grumble, tossing the disposable plastic bottle onto the mountainous pile of similar empty plastic bottles that have built up in your tastefully decorated apartment, a testament to your restless search for a bottled water brand that speaks to your lifestyle. I am here to tell you that there is finally hope: a bottled water that comes from Brooklyn.

I mean, I don't know where the actual water comes from. (Who gives a shit.) But the company, the brand, comes from Brooklyn—and to social media mavens like me focused on new urbanism, sustainable living, the arts, and edginess, that rings a bell that says "Hey, I'm on your level" (imagine the bell tone kind of being like a voice). The other great thing is that it's called "Fred Water." I mean, what is that? It's so quirky! It's so Brooklyn.

I like how they take a clear plastic bottle full of water and brand it.

But how will the tens of thousands of fellow upscale Brooklynites in certain "real" neighborhoods that constitute the core of that real, old school "Brooklyn" vibe—East Williamsbush, ProCro, ProHi, SoWill—find out about Fred? They've hired an ad agency. To let everyone know that they're not about some fake "image." (That's not what Fred is About.) From Ad Age:

"Fred is in a great position to disrupt the water category," said Dave Schiff, Made's creative director. "While other brands are trying to turn water into a spiritual elixir or a culinary experience or 'the right thing to do,' Fred is two unassuming guys from Brooklyn with a very different take. Partnering with them is a chance to do something great."

Before this everyone was all like, in their bullshit yuppie voices, "oh, I like this bottled water." Excuse us, fake people: you've been disrupted. Say goodbye to water. Say hello to water—from Brooklyn. (May not actually be from Brooklyn.)

I like how they make up the name and put it on the bottle with the water inside.

[Ad Age. Pic: FB]