Yesterday, the Associated Press released a story that soberly chronicled some of the deaths caused by gun violence on a single day in America. The single, typical day was January 19th, which as the article states, was the beginning of the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, as well as the weekend of the presidential inauguration. However, more importantly, it was also the inaugural "Gun Appreciation Day" as David Waldman points out. It's hard to believe that it could be a simple coincidence that the AP chose "Gun Appreciation Day" to highlight the deaths caused by that so worthy of appreciation.

So why not mention it? Would it tilt the story in a political direction? Is the AP slyly trolling us all? Whatever the reason, omission of the context for the story seems like a journalism foul on the part of the AP, which, while laudably chronicling gun violence, still thinks it their responsibility to play for both sides of a debate, even if one is so glaringly tied to the market of death.