Did you ever think you'd see the day when man and beast would be able to freely communicate? Well, Holy Talking Dog, the hour has arrived.

So what's this brilliant, marvelous, ingenious invention being used for? To sell your stank self some hygiene products, of course. As you'll observe in the video above, one Mr. Wolfdog has been made Executive Director of Marketing at Old Spice (the fact that he is one of few in his species with paws capable of holding an approval stamp probably helped his advancement), and he really wants you to try Old Spice Wild Collection.

In fact, he wants you to try it so badly he's blogging and tweeting about what makes Old Spice the wildest brand in the whole wide world here and here.

So make sure to follow him and see what the fuss is about, because A) you'll smell better, and B) a talking dog told you to.