Just hours after expressing a desire to quit Twitter, a user who goes by @TheRealMyron thought better of it, and instead tweeted what he claimed was the Netflix logo tattooed on his body to the company itself.

Netflix found the gesture endearing, and rewarded Myron with a year of free streaming for his dedication.

"[T]hank you so much for the free year!!!!" Myron tweeted back. "If you ever need me to do an ad I'm ready I'm a college student ready to work hard." I think Myron just found his next tattoo.

All obvious jokes aside, some remain skeptical that Myron actually tattooed the Netflix logo on his person, suggesting it's an easy enough thing to fake.

Tweeps now wise to the benefits of self-branding are already coming up with ways the beat the system:

But caveat tattoer: Netflix probably isn't going to be giving out any more free subs in exchange for tats, and, also, it seems anyone who gets a Netflix tattoo is automatically in a gang in which Myron is the only other member.

[H/T: The Daily Dot, photo via Twitter]