Michael Bloomberg hates sugary drinks (but not coffee), has issues with the homeless, and has a history of making sexist remarks in public. But who cares about that. His most egregious mistake as New York's mayor (and the world's 13th richest person) is admitting to not liking movie trailers, which, as others have correctly noted, are often the best part of trips to the multiplex (especially when you're seeing Les Misérables, as Bloomberg had before this interview with M Magazine).

"I sat through an hour of trailers, and every one was stupider than the other," Mr. Bloomberg complained to a writer for M magazine, a recently revived men's fashion magazine, now a quarterly, in an interview that was published last week. "And then there were these ads for video games - for adults! And you want to know why we're dumbing down politics."

Yes, but why are we dumbing down politics, Mike?

"The public gets its information from the media, and the media is a shell of what it was before," Mr. Bloomberg said, explaining why he believes that today's politicians find it harder than ever to lead.

"They used to pay for reporters and editors with experience, and for lawyers, but all that's gone, because the economy of the news business is so bad; they're dumbing it down," he continued.

He went on, admitting he can't differentiate between "a newspaper on the Internet and a blog" and fretting that people are "getting information from games!"

As the Times notes, Bloomberg is not only the owner of Bloomberg News, which reaches 310 million people worldwide, but also a champion of the film industry in New York, which adds $7 billion each year to its economy.

[New York Times/Image via AP]