A woman and her boyfriend were attacked by as many as seven lions while they were having sex "in a bushy area" near the Zimbabwean town of Kariba, the Harare Herald reported today.

Sharai Mawera and her unidentified fisherman friend were in the throes of passion when they were suddenly jumped from behind by the pride.

The man, who was naked save for a condom, managed to escape, turning around only once to see a helpless Mawera being thrashed about before fleeing to seek help.

Unfortunately, due to his state of undress, the man had a difficult time convincing passing motorists to assist him, and by the time he was finally able to reach a police station and escort wildlife management officials back to the scene of the mauling, it was too late.

"The woman had already been killed," a source told MyZimbabwe. "She had bloody bruises all over her body. Her neck and tummy had been mauled."

Local police believe the lions who attacked the couple were also responsible for the death of another man whose severed arm was found nearby.

Identified only as Musinje, authorities say he was killed the previous night while returning home from a nightclub.

"That could have been the reason the lions did not completely eat the woman," a law enforcement source told New Zimbabwe. "Residents of the town are now living in fear as the lions are still roaming freely."

[H/T: HyperVocal, photo via Shutterstock]