A high school student thought he was so smart when he took to his Twitter account to slam his teacher for allegedly pulling the ol' switcheroo on test day.

"I hate you Mr. Torrence," subtweeted the student. "You said the test was in Wednesday, so give it to us on Wednesday, not Tuesday. #YouNeedACalendar #ScrewYou"

Turns out the teen was wrong on two counts (three if you count that typo).

For one thing, according to another student in that same class, the test was scheduled for Tuesday, and "the kid did not pay attention when it was announced."

For another, Mr. Torrence has a Twitter account.

After the short-sighted student had his little tantrum, the tweet was retweeted by one of the complainant's classmates who made sure to include the teacher's Twitter handle so that the rant is read by its intended recipient.

The following day, Mr. Torrence decided to have some fun with his pupil's misdirected fury and made sure the tweet was nice and visible for the duration of class.

"He's a great teacher," says the student who brought the incident to the Internet's attention. "He uses comedy to help teach, and it is successful. He's a very nice man, and does not tend to hold grudges. He seemed pretty pissed off at the tweet, but I assure you he'll be over it by tomorrow."

As for the rebel without a cause? "He was shamed, and was very quiet the rest of class (not usual)."

[photo via Reddit]