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This week's probing episode of OWN's Our America with Lisa Ling focused on polyamory. In a brash Barbara Walters-esque style, Ling asked several of the profiled subjects what it's like to be considered perverts and freaks by mainstream society for loving multiple people. It was almost cartoonishly rude, but it gave the opportunity for what all seem like reasonable, well-adjusted people to give reasonable, well-adjusted answers about their way of life ("lifestyle," a word frequently used on the show even by the polyamorous, seems like a pejorative, but maybe that's just me being gay).

"There's nothing wrong with what you're doing. It's not something to hide or be ashamed of. Loving people, however you love them, is not a bad thing," said one correct person. The rational case for polyamory expands.

At the end of the clip above, I threw in some footage of the most complicated arrangement that Our America featured, a five-some or "W" in polyspeak. Meet "Jessie who's dating Wes who's married to Gina who's seeing Sean who's married to Ginny." They seem harmonious although they are prone to attending steam-punk costume parties, so...