Big week for Israel: First came news about Palestinian only buses and now an exciting announcement about a Hebrew edition of Playboy. The English-language edition of the magazine has been available in the holy land for years, but this version will include Israeli models and articles by Israeli writers. Owner, publisher, and probably all-around excellent person Daniel Pomerantz has big plans for the venture.

"Our target is men who want a taste of the good life and also women who are curious about the tastes of the men in their lives," Pomerantz said. "I believe that the special formula that has brought Playboy to a rare level of success throughout the world will continue to succeed in my new home Israel."

As the Associated Press notes previous Hebrew-only porn attempts have failed, including an attempt to produce an Israeli edition of Penthouse in 1989, but Pomerantz isn't worried.

"Israel is a very complicated country with tradition and modernity and also with serious things and fun fashionable things and that is exactly the character of Playboy. It is a complicated and beautiful magazine for a complicated and beautiful country," he said.

"People will see just from the words Playboy Israel that we are a normal country, fashionable, modern, people who work every day with a passion and if you read Playboy magazine you see that it's not just beauty and fashion but it's also depth and politics and issues, people who care and think about the world they live in," he said.

Right. Good luck with that, not that anything could go wrong with launching a print-only pornographic magazine in 2013.

[Image via AP]