An utterly baffling layout decision at the Mankato (Minn.) Free Press has resulted in what, by most accounts, may be the most unfortunate article headline in print journalism history.

What was supposed to be a throwaway evergreen about grapefruits was transformed in an instant into a bitter, inedible tragedy thanks to the substitution of the letter G with a decidedly un-G-looking piece of grapefruit.

But one graphic designer's typo is a Facebook comedian's treasure, and Free Press readers have certainly been having themselves quite a field day.

"I've never heard of rapefruit but it sounds like an intense way to start my day," wrote Jenn Schweitzer, who posted a scan of the offending food piece to the newspaper's Facebook page.

"I didn't know that rapefruit was good for every meal," reader Rachel Emery chimed in. "I tend to avoid rape-anything, but that might just be me."

And reader Jake Slasherton Miller couldn't help but go for the groin: "Don't even get me started on rapenuts."

[scan via @BryanAGraham]