Adalia Rose, the six-year-old girl with progeria we told you about recently, is going to make her national television debut on an upcoming episode of Anderson Live, according to her mother Natalia Amozurrutia.

Adalia's 24-year-old mother Natalia, who hadn't been inclined to talk to any media, told me over the phone that she's agreed to do the show because the appearance will be "spreading awareness" for her daughter's rare disease.

What changed Natalia's mind about the publicity? "Honestly I didn't—I didn't want to do anything," Natalia said, interrupting our conversation to ask Adalia if she'd finished going to the bathroom. "My husband really changed my outlook on things and told me to stop worrying about people using us." The only way to speed up the process of finding a cure for progeria, they now reason, is to bring media attention to the rare disorder and so when Anderson Cooper's producers called, Natalia said yes after some consideration. The family of four will be flying to New York later this week to film an episode of Anderson Live, that's currently scheduled to air April 15.

"This wasn't in the plans," says Natalia. "I didn't want to do any of this."

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