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It's only 25 days until the 24,000 of you who applied to Princeton University will receive a letter on Princeton letterhead regretfully informing you that your application does not meet the University's standards, a thanks-for-playing certificate. But you know who else was rejected by the No. 2 school in the country? No. 1 in America's hearts Tina Fey. She told Kelly and Michael:

My mom had had this dream ever since I was a baby, for some reason she wanted me to apply to go to Princeton. I was a good student, but I didn't have any of that private school polish. I went in there and I was like "hi what's up?" and they were just like "No, no..."

If Princeton wasn't good enough for Tina Fey, it definitely isn't good enough for YOU. Plus, I'm sure Yale won't be *that* bad.