"1 IN 10 YALE STUDENTS SAY THEY'VE BEEN PAID FOR SEX..." tweeted internet behemoth Matt Drudge just a minute ago. Yikes! Drudge, who is commonly understood to be gay, links out to a report on the blog of anti-Yale crusader Nathan Harden, who looks more or less exactly the way you'd expect a guy obsessed with the amount of sex on the Yale campus to look.

"Nine percent of Yale University students who participated in a recent survey on sexual behavior reported having been paid for sex at least once," the blog post opens. The next paragraph: "The survey was administered to a group of about forty students on Saturday during a workshop meant to prompt students to 'reconsider their idea of "normal",' according to the Yale Daily News."

Harden calls "nine percent" of "about forty" "a significant number of students at an elite Ivy League school." I'd call it... about four. Of a self-selected group of students attending a sex workshop. Yale is so vanilla that even at its sex workshops it can't get more than one person who's had sex with an animal, or four people who've performed sex work.