A couple from Arlington, Virginia is accusing their Realtor of stealing clothing from their home — and they have the surveillance footage to prove it.

While the homeowners were away last month, 60-year-old Stephen Brumme of Silver Spring entered their house, ostensibly to show it to potential buyers.

But while waiting for interested parties to arrive, Brumme was caught on the couple's web-enabled dropcam rummaging through their dresser drawers.

When the victims returned home, they realized some clothing — specifically women's clothing — had gone missing, and checked the camera footage for answers.

According to the homeowners, the camera was installed inside the bedroom in plain sight after another Realtor had apparently dropped a razor blade in the family's garbage disposal.

They were also hoping to use it to record the reactions of visitors during the open house.

The footage was brought to the attention of local authorities, who subsequently arrested Brumme on charges of burglary and possession of burglarious tools.

He was later released on bail, but police now suspect other homeowners may have fallen victim to Brumme's scam and are asking previous clients who have lost possessions to come forward.

Brumme's real estate license has since been suspended.

[H/T: HyperVocal, video via ARLnow]