There is just so much to like about this wonderfully atypical press junket interview between Mila Kunis and BBC Radio 1 personality Chris Stark (which was ostensibly to promote Kunis's appearance in Oz the Great and Powerful): Lad points, Jägerbombs, Lad bombs, Mila Kunis, Sir Dosser, The Convict, Chango the Beast, Mila Kunis, Watford Football Club, the Boys, Nando's, Mila Kunis, Steak and Ale Pie, "neck a pint," Dicko, Mila Kunis, drop trou, Baywatch, Mila Kunis, Mila Kunis.

And in between, Stark manages to ask Kunis out not once, but twice. Top lad.

[H/T: Reddit]