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During Saturday Night Live this weekend, a 15-second spot advertising the upcoming Daft Punk album aired. If the music debuting in the clip isn't a collaboration with dance-music legend Nile Rogers, who will have some hand in the full-length (the extent to which is as yet unknown), it sure wants to sound like it: It chugs along like Rogers' band Chic with the kind of lite cheese that Daft Punk so expertly sprinkle on some of their work.

Also, it sounds live and very well could be: Someone who knows about these things recently told me that the upcoming album (whose name we don't yet know) is going to be all live — drums, guitars, keyboards, bass, you name it. Take this with the same grain of salt you would for any rumors predating an official announcement, but if it is the case, it'll be a huge departure from the band's last proper album, 2005's highly programmed Human After All. Get excited.