A Siberian woman has been arrested and charged with murder for stabbing her husband to death after he attempted to kill her cat with a rake.

The 56-year-old woman and her husband had, surprisingly, been drinking together when the cat became the subject of an argument. (Backstory, such as it is: "the cat... had moved to their livestock farm in the republic's Zakamensky district after its owner from a nearby farm died.") As so often happens in this situations, the man tried to kill the cat with a rake, and then:

"In a move to protect the animal, the woman seized the rake from his hands and then snatched a knife from the table in a fit of rage, and stabbed the man three times in the chest," a spokesman for the Investigative Committee said.

Rule number one for successful relationships with cat owners is "do not attempt to kill your partner's cat." Last September, a woman in Texas was charged with assault for shooting her husband in the stomach when he tried to kill her cat.

[RIA Novosti, image, of a Belarusian cat, via AP]