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Meet Audrey, a 27-year-old Los Angeleno profiled on last night's My Strange Addiction. Everywhere that Audrey goes, her stuffed lamb is sure to go. There are shots of her frolicking with the lamb, sharing solemn walks on the beach with the lamb, holding food up to the lamb's face, pretending to feed the lamb. Though she sometimes refers to the lamb as "him" and clearly has made anthropomorphizing her way of life, she doesn't have a name for the lamb — he was only referred to as "the lamb" throughout the episode. That was the best thing about it, besides the shot of her going down a slide with him.

My Strange Addiction: opening up/watering down the concept of addiction in new ways every week.

[There was a video here]

The other person profiled had a more serious seeming addiction to eating deodorant. Nineteen-year-old Nicole scarfs down half a bar a day. When she described her habit, it was practically poetic:

"My Life Revolves Around Eating Deodorant" by Nicole, 19

When I wake up in the morning,
I want deodorant.
After each meals,
I want deodorant.
When I'm stressed out,
I eat deodorant.
In the middle of the night,
I wake up out of my sleep,
I want deodorant.

Nicole reports as a result of eating deodorant, her mouth gets really dry, but it's also watering because she's eating what she's craving. And isn't it ironic?

As a result of the show, they both are easing up on their addictions, so yay. More success stories.