Our sister site Kotaku already explained the phenomenon of "Potato Parties" at length, but here's a tl;dr:

A sale on french fries at McDonald's Japan reduced the cost of a large-size order to a paltry sum that encouraged local kids to start throwing so-called "potato parties" which mostly consisted of buying ridiculous amounts of fries and spreading them "feast-style" across multiple trays.

This caused major delays in fulfilling the orders of other paying customers, not to mention made a huge mess that low-wage workers then had to clean up. Kotaku also noted that, in Japan, leaving behind uneaten food is considered not only wasteful, but also highly disrespectful.

Well, the Potato Parties have apparently made the leap to South Korea, where a photo of some pranksters chowing down on a table full of fries recently went viral.

Unlike their Japanese counterparts, the Korean kids apparently shelled out a pretty won to realize their stunt — as much as 270,000 won (~$250), according to one report.

But the priceyness of the prank didn't do much to temper the outrage of the restaurant's employees, who ordered the "brats" to "stop causing trouble" and "get out of here."

Support for the employees flooded Twitter and other social networking sites, with many excoriating the teenagers for their callous insolence.

Some called on the perpetrators to be tracked down and punished, while others were merely content expressing shock at the "high number of glasses."

[H/T: RocketNews24, photo via Tumblr]