In an article on The New Republic today, journalist Marin Cogan details some of the sexual advances female reporters in Washington, D.C., must field from even the most rainmaking of our elected officials. Nodding toward a House of Cards episode that broached the subject of fraught journalist-source flirtations, Cogan writes that colleagues of hers have been hit on by fundraisers, lobbyists, think-tank brains, and beyond, some of whom were wearing wedding rings whilst trying to get laid.

But one of Cogan's scandalous recollections stands out from the rest, both for its main star—a "high-profile" congressman—and for the clues it provides. Here's the rundown:

One colleague had a high-profile member of Congress go out of his way to track down her cell-phone number, call and text repeatedly to tell her she was beautiful, offer to take her parents on a tour of the Capitol, and even invite her to go boating back home in his district.

Who could this stalker be? The clues are these: A male, who has direct access to a boat large enough to fit two people, whose home district is near a body of water large enough to support a boat. Hmmmmmm.

Massachusetts Congressman Bill Keating owns a boat. And Denny Rehberg, a long-serving congressman from Montana who left the House just last month, is known for partying in boats his drunken friends crash into rocks. But neither of those men is particularly "high profile." Other possible suspects are the four chairs of the Congressional Boating Caucus, one of whom, Candice Miller, we can disqualify for being a woman. Are any of the other three our creepy stalker politician?

Leave your guesses in the comments. And if you have any information about this or any other congressional scoundrel, email me.

[Image by Devin Rochford]