Performance artist, visionary, and grandmother of performance art Marina Abramovic has decided to make a film about performance artist, visionary, and grandfather of blogs James Franco.

Here is why the Serbian artist might offer good insight into Franco's particular brand of fascinatingly bonkers artistry:

  • Abramovic is perhaps best known for her 2002 performance "Nude With Skeleton," in which a man or woman lies in the buff, underneath a human skeleton, so check on the weirdness factor
  • They appeared on an episode of Sundance Channel's Iconoclasts together, so no doubt about their artistic devotion
  • The film Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present documented her 736-hour, 30-minute performance at MoMA, in which she sat motionless at a table waiting for visitors to line up to sit opposite her, so this is one patient lady

The two have been pals since 2010. While this project could dive into complete enigmatic madness, Abramovic spoke very intelligently about Franco's artistic appeal to Elle:

"I think he's the most interesting actor of the moment. Why? Because he takes risks and when you take risks, you can fail. But he takes failure and risk all with the same intensity. He could just be another Hollywood actor and that's it–like everyone else. But he's crossing all kinds of borders and not always with great success. For him, process is more important than the result."

Until the pair team up to answer this question on the big screen, Franco will appear as the wizard in Oz the Great and Powerful and then as Hugh Hefner in Lovelace—just to give you an idea about this man's range and interests.

[Elle, image via Getty]