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"Why do people hate Anne Hathaway?" asked Yahoo! Shine. "Why do women hate Anne Hathaway (but Love Jennifer Lawrence)?" posed the Cut. "Why is everyone hating on Anne Hathaway at 2013 Oscars? (TWEETS, GIF)," wondered the Huffington Post. "Is it a gender double-standard - or is it her face?" quizzed Salon.

Joan Rivers answered pop culture's current great mystery on the Late Show with David Letterman last night. She did so mostly wordlessly because there is no real logic to it, considering Hathaway's talent (noted by Joan) and possible loveliness (dubiously considered by Joan).

This animosity also is barely a thing — it may feel like a thing, but as long as Anne Hathaway is getting roles and making movies that make money, we can assume that more people like her than not. Or at least, she can take solace in that when her feelings get hurt. And also she can take solace in her money and her Oscar. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Haters make you greater. You haven't made it until people want your head on a stick. Though the world of Twitter may suggest Anne Hathaway is losing, Anne Hathaway is most certainly winning.

The comment was part of Joan's Oscars recap, which also included several fat jokes directed at Adele (one of them suggesting that "Rolling in the Deep" should be renamed "Rolling in the Deep Fried Chicken"). Unlike when Seth MacFarlane made an indirect crack at Adele's weight during the Oscars or the source material for that joke (Rex Reed's brutalization of Melissa McCarthy), there has been no real outcry over this. Joan Rivers gets away with it because she always does this and she would always do this even with an outcry. And also because she's funny. And also because of that hazy logic thing. Joan Rivers, nyahhhh!