The host of a Croatian TV program for kids suffered a scary-looking fall after she fainted on camera while introducing the show's topic of the day: Oxygen.

"Good morning and welcome to School hour," Zlata Muck tells her young viewers. "Today, the first 35 minutes of our show will be dedicated to one of the most important elements on Earth - oxygen."

Muck managed to get out three more words — "without it there" — before staggering backwards and knocking her head on a studio prop.

Local media outlets report that Much is three months pregnant, and her syncope was likely related to her condition.

She was rushed to the emergency room, but has reportedly suffered no injuries or adverse consequences as a result of the incident.

The TV station, HRT, ultimately edited Muck's fainting spell out of the latest episode of Školski sat (Lesson), depriving children everywhere of an invaluable illustration of oxygen's vital importance.

[H/T: Reddit]