Comedian Brick Stone (real name: Dave Sirus) has made harassing Westboro Baptist Church members his life's mission.

What began as an attempt to understand the source of the Phelps Clan's unyielding hatred eventually gave way to a far more noble cause: "Chasing them away from whatever church, funeral or PFLAG awards ceremony they were pestering."

To accomplish his goal, Brick has taken to stalking WBC congregants from protest to protest, "asking questions ranging from confusingly insulting to insultingly offensive."

For his latest counterprotest, he headed down to the Malibu Presbyterian Church and Our Lady of Malibu Catholic Church to ruin the demonstrators' day with such hard-hitting probes as "have you ever wondered how good gay sex must be if people are willing to go to hell for it?" and "didn't I jerk you off in a K-Mart bathroom once?"

Let's watch.

[H/T: Dangerous Minds]