Last Friday, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer pissed everyone off when she banned her employees from working remotely. Yahoo's working mothers were particularly disgruntled by this change of policy, especially because they don't think that Mayer understands their needs (even though Mayer is a working mother herself).

Mayer famously took her position at Yahoo while six months pregnant and had her baby last fall. However, unlike other Yahoo employees, she is able to bring her child to work to the nursery she paid to have built in her office.

This is not something available to all Yahoo employees, especially those with less money or clout (Mayer earns $117 million over five years). According to Business Insider, some Yahoo employees have indicated that their attempts to bring children to work would probably not be so well received.

Mayer's policy is not only meant to prevent distraction or slacking off, but also to increase human interaction, communication and collaboration. Yahoo's practices of working from home are not standard at other similar companies like Google or Facebook.

The memo banning working from home indicated that employees needed to be working in the Yahoo offices by June. Some ex-Yahoo employees confessed that Mayer is smart to make this ban. They acknowledged that there a significant amount of abuse of this policy at Yahoo. Working from home is so embraced by the company, that the company store sells refrigerator magnets that read "WFH" (work from home).

[Business Insider, image via AP]