Not even a delicious breakfast spread can unite a country. Public Policy Polling has released a survey covering how basic food preferences divide along party lines. PPP questioned 500 registered American voters from February 21 to the 24th, through automated phone calls.

While Democrats prefer bagels (34%) or croissants (32%), Republicans much prefer to eat donuts (35%). Moving onto lunch time, Democrats prefer KFC to Chick Fil A (39% to 18%) while Republicans prefer the latter (48% to 29%). For carbonated beverages, Democrats prefer a full-calorie soda (47% to 31%), while Republicans prefer diet soda (42% to 34%).

And for opinions on exciting new cuisine? Republicans narrowly voted that Olive Garden is "a quality source of authentic ethnic food" (43% to 41%), Democrats narrowly disagreed (41% to 44%) - but just barely though.

[Public Policy Polling, image via Getty]