When Paperman won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short early in the Oscar telecast, the film's director John Kahrs (pictured above) gave a lovely, brief speech, giving a special thanks to his wife, who was shown crying in the audience. A great Oscar moment. The film's producer, Christina Reed, reacted in a similarly enthusiastic, if slightly more mischievous manner; she threw three or four paper airplanes covered in kisses – much like those featured in the film — from the Dolby Theater's mezzanine.

The gesture, while a mostly harmless (they apparently didn't even fly, and instead just fell straight down) and thoughtful tribute, didn't go over well with the award show's security guards, who immediately kicked Reed out of the ceremony. Alas, there was a happy ending; a quick protest and 10 minutes later, Reed was allowed back to her seat.

[Image via AP]