Following a brief suspension of research, US scientists can now begin work again on creating even more deadly mutant strains of Avian Flu and other dangerous pathogens. They now simply, before receiving funding, have to outline the possible dangers of their research. Oh, and they can also now freely publish their results and findings to the entire world.

Studies of this nature first came to the world's attention after public outcry last year when a Dutch researcher announced he had created "probably one of the most dangerous viruses you can make." A group at the University of Wisconsin were performing similar research and intended to publish the results of their quest in the deadliest pathogen sweepstakes.

Instead of limiting this kind of research, the National Institute of Health has codified the studies, allowing scientists to do the following:

− Increase pathogenicity in mammals;
− Disrupt the induction of a host's innate immunity;
− Interfere with the effectiveness of an available vaccine;
− Confer to the agent resistance to clinically or agriculturally useful prophylactic or
therapeutic interventions against that agent; or
− Facilitate the virus' ability to evade detection methodologies

The White House has also released their own draft guidelines for studies concerning potential weapons applications.

Michael Osterholm, an infectious disease researcher at the University of Minnesota and a member of the U.S. National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity, was alarmed by the government's decision:

"The genie will get out of the bottle ... If we publish this, it's right there for everyone to know. Any lab in the world could do the same work."

Any lab in the world could do the same work, however, which labs are we talking about? Ostensibly, this kind of research is done to protect humanity against terrorist groups, groups which may or may not have the skills or resources to create these deadly, unstoppable diseases.

Who most certainly possesses these skills? The guys in these labs. And the biggest bio-terror attack in US history came from where? Well according to our own Federal Bureau of Investigation, one of these government labs.